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Discover Popcorn in a Cement Bag Size, a Korean Cinema Chain Is Now Offering

korean popcorn

A Korean cinema chain called CGV has launched the sale of popcorn in cement bags. Now, real popcorn lovers in cinemas can grab a large portion of popcorn and enjoy it while staying home.

Unfortunately, the pandemic is continuing and negatively affects the cinema industry all around the world. Therefore, the cinema CGV decided to sell everyone's favorite popcorn in bulk and in large quantities. From the start of the pandemic period, the cinema's concession stands are available for delivery in a variety of food delivery applications. So, you can experience the familiar taste of popcorn while watching movies at home.

But the chain of cinemas does not want to stop and goes forward proposing new changes. Starting from this month, CGV is offering customers its popcorn available for purchase in the size of a bag of cement. This huge portion of delight costs approximately 8.86 dollars and is surely the largest and best price proposal you can order. Some have already ordered such a bag and even returned again for more.
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