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Discover the Guy Who Wants to Look like Jimin | He Underwent 18 Surgeries

Oli London

British Oli London, also known as a blogger and singer, made a coming out as a non-binary Korean. In order to become like Jimin from the iconic Korean pop group BTS, the young man underwent 18 plastic surgeries and spent at least 150 thousand dollars and eight years of his life on them. Now London asks to call him Jimin and use the pronoun "they" since he does not associate himself with any gender.

The 31-year-old blogger from the UK decided that he was born in the wrong country and in the wrong body and decided to become like his idol Park Jimin. The guy who wants to look like Jimin claims that now he can finally be himself.

For 8 years, he changed the shape of his nose (5 times), cheekbones, chin, eyes, underwent liposuction (removed fat deposits on the body), facelift, and also injected fillers (liquid implant) into the lips and cheeks. But London does not plan to stop and is preparing for new surgeries and procedures. He is thinking about the liposuction of the thighs and abdomen, lip augmentation with permanent implants, and new eyelid surgery. According to the blogger who underwent plastic surgeries to look like Jimin, he suffered from anorexia for a long time and managed to defeat it only a few years ago.

However, such changes caused a wave of discussion on social networks. Many people are outraged and accuse the blogger of racism. But he considers Korea to be his homeland. How the BTS members and the real Park Jimin feel about the fan transformation is still unknown. They have not given any comments yet.

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