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Discover the Most Expensive French Fries in the Luxury New York’s Restaurant

worlds most expensive french fries
worlds most expensive french fries

Creme de la Creme Pommes Frites is the name of the most expensive french fries, according to the Guinness World Record. The dish costs 200 dollars and is prepared by cooks Joe Calderone and Frederick Schoen-Kiewert.

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Serendipity3, the iconic restaurant located in the Upper East Side, offers fries that are blanched in Dom Perignon and J. LeBlanc French champagne, and finally in vinegar. Ten, the potatoes are cooked three times with fat from goose grown in southwestern France.

But that is not all. The truffle salt, which had been hand-picked before, is added, and then the potatoes are poured with truffle oil. The dish is covered with shavings, made from sheep milk, and accompanied by black truffles from the Italian valleys.

The presentation also surprises: the fries are served on a plate decorated with 23K edible gold powder.

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