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Discover the Oldest Man Living Today | He Is 112 Years Old and Lives in Puerto Rico

oldest man living today

It was officially confirmed that the oldest man living is still alive. The Puerto Rican, who is 112 years old, was named the oldest male in the world. Flores Márquez was born in Carolina, 08. 08. 1908.

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Now, this oldest man living today, who has the unusual date ever, lives in Puerto Rico. And according to the Guinness Book of Records, the man has 11 brothers and sisters. He started to work on his father's farm when he was young, watering and loading wagons. As he is the firstborn in the family, he was often responsible for performing the house chores and also looked after his other siblings.

Flores had a wife, Andrea Perez, with whom he was married for 75 years. The couple had four children. But the woman passed away in 2010 and two of their children are still alive. The man also has five grandchildren along with five great-grandchildren.

Although the oldest living man in the world experienced several surgeries 11 years ago and almost lost his hearing, his family says he is strong enough and has good health. Recently, the man has got an official certificate from the Guinness Book of Records.

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