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Chip and Dale Will Reunite 30 Years Later To Find Their Missing Friend

Chip and Dale

Disney has recently revealed the first trailer for the feature-length film about Chip and Dale.

According to the plot, the chipmunks now live in modern Los Angeles among people and cartoon characters. It's been 30 years since their successful animated series was canceled. Chip has become an insurance salesman, and Dale has experienced CGI surgery and reminisces about his glory days. When their former co-star on the set mysteriously disappears, the Chipmunks once again become rescue detectives and go to rescue a friend. Who it is is not specified, but Gadget seems to be missing from the trailer.

The release in the cinemas has not yet been announced. The film will air on May 20 and will be available only for Disney+ streaming platform subscribers.

The original animated series premiered in March 1989 on Disney Channel. A total of 65 episodes were presented. Comic books and video games based on the show have been released.

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