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Disney’s the Owl House Presented the First Non-Binary Hero in the Company’s History

The Disney Cartoon Features the First Non-Binary Character Who Is Addressed by “They”

On July 24, a new episode of The Owl House by Disney featured the first non-binary character in the studio's history. The children's animated series has presented Raine Whispers who appeared as a minor character in the seventh episode of the second season. According to the plot of the character, he does not belong to either the male or female gender and is addressed by the pronoun "they".

They are the leader of the Bard Coven and a friend of the witch Eda. By the way, Raine is voiced by a non-binary actor, Avi Roque. The star has long wanted to play such a character, characterizing the hero as intelligent and hardworking. 

The author of the animated series, Dana Terrace who is also a bisexual, admitted that initially, some were against the appearance of queer characters in the plot. But now the studio management fully supports her.

The Owl House series premiered in January 2020 on Disney Channel. In the USA, the animated series is recommended for audiences over six years old. 

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