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Do You Want to Know More about Famous Memes? Find Out the Origin of the Monkey Looking Away Meme

monkey looking away meme
Monkey Looking Away Meme

In this article, we will try to figure out what the monkey-looking away meme is. "Monkey Puppet" is a picture of a puppet monkey, which is a funny character from a Japanese children's television show. After watching this show, people began to create a series of pictures with this monkey and make memes out of them. On such memes, we can see different emotions of the monkey. It can be a surprise, shock, sadness, or nervousness. Usually, a picture of a puppet looking away meme is displayed with a caption that refers to some kind of life scenario or situation or is published as an illustration reaction.

Origin of the Monkey Looking Away Meme

Origin of the Monkey Looking Away

This doll was a character in a Japanese children's TV show called Ōkiku naru Ko, or "Growing Up Kids" in English. It started on April 7, 1959, and lasted until March 18, 1988. The show was popular, broadcasted, and especially widespread in Latin America, where the nervous monkey meme soon emerged.

The main character of this show, named Kento ("Pedro" in Spanish), is the same monkey from the monkey side-eye meme. This meme was created and popularized by the Spanish-speaking layer of the Internet, who loved the funny monkey so much. Usually, this monkey puppet-looking away meme subscribes with a text about daily troubles or just some life situations. The monkey, in combination with such a text, looks surprised, and also, as if with sad and pleading eyes, shows: "No ahora, porfavor" ("Not now, please").

monkey looking away
monkey looking away

Video recordings of the original TV show "Ōkiku naru Ko" were uploaded by users on YouTube. For this purpose, English subtitles were specially created and subsequently, the video cuts were converted into GIF reactions of the side-eye monkey meme.

Spreading the Puppet Looking Away Meme

spreading the monkey side eye meme

On August 8, 2008, the famous YouTuber Wart Wartmaz uploaded a video-cut, consisting of funny pictures of a monkey.

Three days later, another user on a famous Instagram social network under the nickname @esen_serio published this meme with a puppet monkey with the same signature and received not a very large number of likes.

This meme gained popularity on Reddit after user Chigwisin posted a comical subreddit. This post received a large number of votes (2,300 points) and 165 comments in less than 2 years.

It was also noticed that on March 31, 2016, a user with the nickname TobiSilvero uploaded a fragment of an episode from the Japanese show for children on his YouTube channel, when the monkey reacted in shock to the words of another character.

On June 23, 2016, the first GIF of this particular moment was created.

The meme began to attract huge attention from overseas audiences back in the summer of 2016. It all started when @esnyrogues posted a GIF of a concerned monkey meme in response to someone's tweet on July 1, 2016, expressing his surprise. The situation to which the girl reacted and her tweet soon got into the material of The Daily Mail.

That fall, the monkey-looking sideways meme began to gain traction and became a cult surprise reaction on the web. The trend has been seen not only on popular Twitter, but also on Instagram, Tumblr, and Reddit.

Meaning of Nervous Monkey Meme

monkey puppet looking away meme

The monkey face in the looking away puppet meme describes a discouraging surprise at a given situation. The picture seems very cute and funny, which is probably why so many people started using it to show the reaction of surprise and shock after reading an article or watching a video.

In the Japanese TV show "Growing Up Kids" the monkey did this expression more than once, so people made many different templates and memes with it, which also quickly spread across the Internet.

Other clippings of this monkey were also made, which may have a different emotional message, used in the context of different circumstances. The monkey reaction meme image can be intended to illustrate the shock, sadness, embarrassment or discomfort of the publisher, and can be used in both a true and sarcastic sense.

A meme with a puppet monkey very often appears in our feed on social networks to this day. Personally, I just saw another funny joke yesterday, against the background of which there was a picture with this monkey.

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