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Does coffee really slow down children's growth?


One of the most common reasons coffee is generally not recommended for children is the widespread belief that coffee can slow the growth of children. But in fact, there is no evidence that caffeine slows down growth and development during childhood.

But why do some people still believe that coffee can slow down a child's growth? There are several theories. In the 1980s, several studies were held and showed that caffeine can lead to calcium discharge. And if caffeine is able to weaken bones, then it could be assumed that higher caffeine intake in childhood would lead to lower growth. But those who love coffe also tend to consume less milk, which is the main source of calcium. In other words, the problem was most likely not caused by coffee, but by a lack of calcium.

Another theory is that the myth is based on advising pregnant women to limit their caffeine intake, as some studies have linked caffeine with a high risk of pregnancy loss. The evidence is uncertain, so pregnant women are now advised to limit but not completely avoid their caffeine intake.

However, it is not advised to give children a double espresso, for example, every morning. After all, caffeine can cause increased anxiety, high blood pressure, and problems with sleep. For this reason, it is recommended to young children avoid and teenagers limit their coffee intake.

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