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Donald Trump Announced the Upcoming Launch of a New Social Network TRUTH Social

Donald Trump Announced the Upcoming Launch of a New Social Network TRUTH Social

The former president of the United States, who was blocked in major social networks, will now launch his own service TRUTH Social. Back in March, it became known that Trump had begun negotiations with several applications on a partnership to create his own social network.

The politician's statement that his company TMTG is launching a social network was posted on Twitter by his spokesman. In this way, Donald wants to fight back the technology companies in Silicon Valley.

truth trump social media

According to Trump, the beta version of the service will be available to invited users in November, and the full launch of the social network is scheduled for early 2022. The application is currently available for pre-order from the Apple App Store. The plans to launch a subscription service for streaming video on demand, which will include entertainment, news and podcasts were also announced.

The ex-president's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts were blocked in January this year in the final days of his presidency. This happened after his supporters attacked the Capitol building during the official announcement of the election results. Social media executives believed that by using his accounts, Trump could contribute to new outbreaks of violence.

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Trump himself called the blocking of his accounts a complete shame and said that he had lost his freedom of speech. In October, Trump filed a lawsuit against Twitter to return his profile and accused the service of unreasonable censorship.

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