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Dos Equis Memes: Funny Mexican Beer Commercial With Popular American Actor

Funny Mexican Beer Commercial

The Most Interesting Man In The World is a meme that features a character from the body and video commercials for Dos Equis beer. All versions of funny images use the format “I don't always… but when I… then…”. These Dos Equis memes have become a cultural phenomenon in their own right that has gone much further than beer advertising.

Origin of Dos Equis Guy Memes

In 2006, Mexican brewery Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma, owned by Heineken, decided to launch an advertising project that would be different from the standard annoying TV commercials. It had to appeal to the thirst for adventure and associate not with annoying product promotion, but with fun and humor. Then the image of “The Most Interesting Man In The World” was created – a certain elderly gentleman who had seen a lot, and now he has something to tell. For this role, television actor Jonathan Goldsmith was chosen, who matched the character so well that his contract was renewed for ten years. The brand began launching television programs in 2006 and later began using YouTube.

The character itself was played by an American actor named Jonathan Goldsmith. Each version of the advertisement ended with the phrase “I don't always drink beer, but when I drink I prefer Dos Equis”, these words became the main phrase for Dos Equis memes.

Meme Usage

Meme Dos Equis

The catchphrases from this ad allow for many variations. Usually, jokes are created at some unexpected twist. It has become a common way to ridicule ordinary human inconsistency.

Some funny examples of Dos Equis memes include such phrases:

• “I usually do not look for information on my phone, but when I do, it’s to prove the interlocutor’s mistake”;

• “I don’t usually write on Facebook, but when I do, it’s probably your birthday”;

• “His tears can cure cancer. Unfortunately, he never cries”;

• “One day he was bitten by a rattlesnake. After several days of torment, she died”.

As you can see, the image not only smacks of masculinity but at the same time makes a great irony over it. That is why the character is good: peasant prowess, absurdity and self-irony are mixed in it.

actor who played the role of “The Most Interesting Man In The World”

Latest News about Dos Equis Guy

On March 9, the actor who played the role of “The Most Interesting Man In The World” was fired from his position as an official of the Dos Equis beer brand. As we already mentioned, his image for 10 years has become the reason for the emergence of memes about Dos Equis Man and many other jokes. So, in a sense, the era is gone.

News about Dos Equis Guy

A lot has changed over these ten years, and the old schemes don't work as well anymore. According to the assurances of representatives of the company, they want to change the advertising flow and focus on the generation of millennials who are hungry for different images and characters. To be quite frank, the new audience may simply not understand the references to Hemingway, Indiana Jones, and even more so to George Berkeley.The blog authors have collected the best Dos Equis memes about The Most Interesting Man In The World. If you see an ad for Dos Equis beer, you would know what kind of man is depicted on it. Tell your friends about this funny meme.

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