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Dr. Dre’s Daughter Lives in a Car. The American Rapper Doesn’t Want To See Her

dr dres daughter lives in a car
Dr. Dre’s Estranged Daughter Says She’s Homeless Despite Dad’s $800 Million Fortune

The eldest daughter of the iconic rapper and producer Dr. Dre is homeless. The 38-year-old Latanya Young revealed in a recent interview that her rich dad refused to help her financially. Because of this, she now has to live in a rented car to pay off her debts. The girl alone brings up four children and has recently decided to move to another state. But according to her, Dre did not even try to get to know the children.

Dr. Dre is one of the most successful rappers in history and the richest musician of the last decade (his fortune is estimated at 950 million dollars). At the moment, his daughter works as a driver in delivery services and as a picker in a warehouse. But she doesn't even have enough income to rent an apartment. Latanya lives in a rented car, and she sent the children to friends. The girl has not seen her father for over 18 years: she does not have his phone number. The lawyer of Dr. Dre replies that the rapper doesn't want to see his daughter.

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The rapper was 16 years old when Latanya's mother first became pregnant with him: they had a son, and later a daughter was born. The girl's parents were never officially married. In total, Dr. Dre has seven children from different women, and one of his sons has died of an overdose.

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