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Searching For Dr. Now Memes? There are Top 5 Memes About Surgeon And My 600-Lb Life TV Show

Younan Nowzaradan or Dr. Now is a renowned American surgeon, writer, and TV host of the popular show program My 600-lb Life. Dr. Now is engaged in vascular surgery and bariatric surgery, helping obese people.

There were quite a few funny moments during his filming on My 600-lb Life. People made different Dr. Now memes from this show. Let's take a look at the top 5 funniest memes with Dr. Now.

Tracking Dr. Now

dr now memes

He sees when you're snacking. He knows when you've had carbs.

This Dr. Now meme talks about the doctor making sure you don't overeat. The doctor would not want you to eat a lot of carbohydrates and eat fast food.

Dangerous Situation

dr now meme

This is a very dangerous situation.

This Dr. Now meme was made by one of the fans of the show My 600-lb Life, who watched it with subtitles on his iPad. Here we see the Doctor talking about dangerous obesity that can lead to cardiac arrest.

Obesity from Thin Air

dr. now memes

You don’t gain weight from THIN AIR!

Against the background of this funny phrase, there is a not at all funny photo where the Doctor is talking with an obese man and treating him. This meme is about gaining weight from poor food and an unhealthy lifestyle, and not from air or just like that.

Stop Doing Weird Things

dr. nowzaradan meme

Dr. Nowzaradan meme has become the most popular. It is used in many situations and in case of important negotiations. Save this meme and use it in correspondence with your friends.

Dr. Now's Order

dr. now meme

You have one munt to lose turdy pound. This meme sounds like an order to those who need to lose weight. Grab your hands and start taking care of your health, do not put it off until tomorrow, otherwise, the consequences will be dire, and not funny like this meme. The creators of the blog will be happy if you read this article to the end and want to wish you health and more smiles from our selection with Dr. Now memes!

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