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The Model Got an Intimate Burn From Hot Sauce After Having Sex With Drake

drake hot sauce

Drake has an active sex life with whoever he wants and how he wants. And the famous rapper is not afraid that someone can take advantage of his love for their own selfish purposes, because he invented an original way how to avoid undesirable consequences after casual sex.

Recently, the Canadian rapper was sued by a model with whom he had sex at one of the parties. According to the woman, they met at an event, after which they had sex in the toilet and Drake left, throwing the condom in the trash.

The girl, who wanted to get his biomaterial, took a used contraceptive from the urn and tried to pour sperm into herself. However, prudent Drake poured hot sauce into the used condom.

When the performer heard the girl screaming from the toilet, he returned and told her that there was hot sauce in the condom. Now, the model wants to sue Drake for a burn in an intimate place. He has not yet commented on the situation.

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