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Drunk Adele Undressed and Pole Danced in a Gay Club, Located in London

drunk adele

Adele decided to celebrate her victory in the BRIT Awards. The artist went with friends to the Heaven gay club for the G-A-Y's Porn Idol party. The British singer took part in a striptease contest in one of the gay clubs in London. She arrived at the nightclub wearing a cream-colored pantsuit from the luxury brand Fendi, evening make-up, and golden jewelry.

The celebrity shocked visitors with her pole dancing in the VIP area. Later, club visitors noticed that the performer, having left the stage, undressed to her bra. The drunk star also sang the cult hit It's Raining Men with friends. The artist danced, had fun, and then lost her balance and fell.

The singer was then asked to return to the stage and name the winner of the stripping contest. The performer chose the winner: a girl in shorts entered the stage, covering her bare chest with her hands. The singer then gave a speech about how much she enjoys being a woman.

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