Completely Drunk Nicolas Cage Was Kicked Out of the Hotel in Las Vegas
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Drunk Nicolas Cage Was Confused With a Homeless and Kicked Out of the Hotel

Drunk Nicolas Cage Was Confused

Nicolas Cage, who no longer cares much about his image, got into a funny scandal. The actor was relaxing in the foyer of one of the Vegas hotels, clearly in a good mood and in the company of strong drinks. At some point, Cage began to behave noisily, took off his shoes, and began to ask for another drink. As a result, Cage, who was clearly not recognized as a Hollywood star, was expelled from the building, believing that he was simply homeless. Soon, a video with a drunk 57-year-old actor appeared on the network.

On the recording, a barefoot Cage wearing leopard-print pants sits on the couch and is trying to communicate with the woman who asked him to leave. Later, the artist is escorted out by an Afro-American guard. Cage tried to return to the building, but he is stopped at the door and couldn't put on his slippers for a long time.

Witnesses of the incident said that the drunk actor was confused with a homeless person. According to the restaurant staff, before the incident, Cage drank expensive whiskey and several glasses of tequila. The actor, whom one of the eyewitnesses initially mistook for a homeless person, yelled at people and tried to get into a fight with the staff. One of the restaurant's regular visitors drove Cage home.

In March, it became known that Cage married for the fifth time. The wedding ceremony took place in Las Vegas.

The actor's condition is associated with a difficult life situation: in 2021, he lost his mother. But this isn't the first time Cage has appeared in public drunk. In 2019, being drunk, he married his fourth wife, a makeup artist. Four days later, he filed for divorce, claiming that he was too drunk and did not understand that he was getting married.

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