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Dune: Part 2 Is Officially Approved, the Premiere Is Scheduled for October 20, 2023

Dune: Part 2 Is Officially Approved

The news about the continuation of the Dune is now officially confirmed. In addition, the management of Legendary Pictures has also announced the date of the premiere. The project titled Dune: Part 2 is scheduled to arrive in cinemas on October 20, 2023. Then, it will appear on the streaming service, HBO Max.

The sequel will be filmed by Denis Villeneuve who was also involved in the production of the first part. Now, the author will write and direct the continuation. By the way, almost all the leading actors in the original film will return to their roles.

In the first weekend of film distribution in the United States, Dune earned 40 million dollars, and the worldwide distribution has already exceeded 220 million dollars.

The universe based on the book series of the same name has a very high potential for adaptation since only Frank Herbert wrote six books in the series. And if we take into account the books written by Brian Herbert (the eldest son of Frank) and Kevin Anderson, then the total number of books will be almost two dozen.

In addition to the two feature-length films, the TV series Dune: The Sisterhood, is also in development.

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