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During a Flight, a Woman Saw a Man Next to Her Who Called Her Fat During a Correspondence

A Woman on a Plane Saw Her Neighbor Sending an Offensive Message About Her

The woman posted a video on TikTok where she describes an incident that happened with her during a recent flight. She caught a man, who was sitting next to her, abusing her in correspondence with a friend.

The video uploaded by user @landenmewing, has already gained over 3 million views. According to Lauren, she and this man were the only people sitting in their row, so she could know that he was talking exactly about her.

Lauren was just returning from a trip back home when she saw the man in front of her, at a distance that she could clearly see his screen. After she read part of the conversation, she assumed he was talking with his partner. The man called her fat and his interlocutor in response advised him to tell her about the diet.

The shocked girl was able to photograph the man's conversation where he also joked that the plane could not take off because of her weight and added that he hates flying with fat people.

The commentators were outraged and said that the guy of this girl with whom he was texting is a dump. There have been times when some TikTok users even caught strangers taking pictures of them without permission when they were in the pool, on the beach, and even in the gym.

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