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During a forbidden cockfight, a rooster accidentally killed a man

cock fight

In the southern region of India, during an illegal cockfight, a man was killed by a rooster with a knife. This is not the first time the police have noticed this practice, which is carried out in some states of the country, although it has been banned for a long time.

According to one of the eyewitnesses, the man was injured while he was preparing his rooster for a fight. The animal hurt him in the groin and he started bleeding- said the officer and added that later the man tragically died on his way to the hospital. Now the police are looking for about 10 people who took part in organizing this dangerous event. The organizers will face imprisonment for several years.

Unfortunately, cockfighting is still common in many states in India, despite the strict ban. Activists have been trying to challenge it, but cockfighting is held under the leadership of local influential politicians who offer a large amount of money. Last year, there was even a similar situation: another man was killed by a rooster when the blade hurt him right in the neck.

You may ask where did the bird get the knife from? A blade or other sharp weapon is tied to a leg of cock in order to injure the opponent. The fight continues until one of the roosters dies or runs away.

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