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During an Exhibition in the United States, a Robot Dog Armed With a Sniper Rifle Was Shown

US army dog robot

During the annual conference of the US Army Association, a prototype of a robot-like fighting dog, which is equipped with a sniper rifle, was unveiled. The presentation of the new device took place in the state of Georgia. However, it is not yet clear whether the robot dog has buyers or whether it has been demonstrated simply as a concept.

The robot is also equipped with a powerful sniper rifle of 6.5mm that can shoot accurately at a distance of up to 1.2 km. It is located on the back of the four-legged device, and the magazine capacity is no more than 10 rounds. The SPUR sniper rifle has a ceramic coating designed to protect against night vision systems. The weight of the robot is 7.7 kg and it can work both during the day and at night. It also has chambered, safe, and fire capabilities that allow the weapon system to be used safely and reliably. In addition, the operator can load and keep the weapon at a distance.

sniper robot dog military

The military of the United States began testing the unarmed version of the dogs in May in Florida. The goal for these robots is to patrol the base using their integrated sensors to provide useful mission-critical data.

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