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During the Latest Interview, Rapper Kanye West Said He Wants To Save His Family

Rapper Kanye West Said He Wants To Save His Family

Kanye West has given a big interview where he talked about marriage to Kim Kardashian and also answered other questions. On social networks, users are already calling the interview of the year.

The rapper, who now prefers to be called Ye, was a guest on the new edition of Drink Champs. In the interview that lasts more than two hours, the artist commented on many topics of interest to his fans and the public. The performer said he wants to save his family and added that he had never seen the divorce papers.

A source close to Kim Kardashian admitted that the rapper's statement that he and the children want them to be together was not a surprise to anyone. Kim is aware of Kanye's feelings, but a reunion is out of the question. As the insider noted, Kim tried for a long time to save the marriage with Kanye.

At the beginning of the year, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West announced their divorce after seven years of marriage. A little later, rumors regularly began to appear in the media that the couple was still trying to save the marriage. The lovers got married in 2014. Before that, they were together for two years. The couple has four children.

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