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Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox’s Friendship Were Discussed during the Late Late Show

ed sheeran corney cox

Ed Sheeran, who was recently a guest on The Late Late Show to promote his new Bad Habits hit, told about Courteney Cox and 18+ pranks. The singer shared how he made fun of the actress, namely the prank from the 18+ category. 

Ed Sheeran and Courteney Cox are longtime friends. And now they are also relatives, as Cox's boyfriend is the goddaughter of the singer's daughter. During the show, Ed shared about his warm relationship with Courteney.

Extraordinaire Ed Sheeran remembered how he once stopped at his friend's house and pranked her. According to the musician, he saw the actress's smart speaker and decided to order a BDSM mask through her. 

A British pop singer bought not just a mask, but a whole leather helmet, as it completely covers the face. Despite the fact that the surprise was intended for the star of the sitcom Friends, it was discovered by her assistant, who was very embarrassed. Then, the American actress asked where this mask came from, and later she found out that Ed was behind the prank. 

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