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Eddie Redmayne’s House, Located on the French Coast, Burned Down in Wildfires

Eddie Redmayne’s House, Located on the French Coast, Burned Down in Wildfires

The family mansion of the Academy Award winner and the star of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and The Theory of Everything has been badly hit by wildfires. The house where Eddie Redmayne spent his childhood was burned down during forest fires on the French Riviera. The British actor sometimes returned to the place where he grew up and met his youth. His parents have owned the mansion for more than three decades, the cost of which is estimated at 2 million pounds.

Wildfires have covered the territories of Russia, the USA, Turkey, Italy... The authorities cannot defeat the parts and are only trying to defend the most populated areas in an effort to reduce the damage. The fires have raged in southern France reaching Saint-Tropez. As a result of the fires, forests, houses have been destroyed, and there are even victims. Redmayne's luxurious mansion also suffered being badly destroyed due to natural disasters. The villa had a large swimming pool, tennis court with panoramic views of the vineyard.

While the Oscar winner was filming, his parents lived in Chelsea, and family friends were visiting the house. After they discovered the fire, they were forced to urgently leave the mansion. According to the father of the 39-year-old actor, Richard Redmayne, the slopes of the hills where the house is located were already on fire 15 years ago. But then the fire reached the house for several days, and now it has covered this distance in an hour. According to the family, the second floor of the mansion was almost completely destroyed: the roof burned down and the land around it resembles the scenery for the films about the First World War. Previously, the forest came directly to the house, forming the coziness of a village estate, but now only ashes are left of it. It is reported that 83-year-old Richard is about to fly to the site to assess the damage to the villa.

Redmayne's parents, Richard and Patricia, who now live in one of London's most expensive neighborhoods rented the mansion to tourists for £ 7,800 a week during the high season. The European resort was a home and holiday destination for many of the rich and famous people.

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