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Sony Pictures Plans To Make a Movie About a Marvel Antihero, Called El Muerto

Bad Bunny El Muerto

Marvel will make a film about the secondary character of the comic book about Spider-Man- the supervillain El Muerto. The protagonist of the blockbuster has superpowers, which he endows with a fighting mask.

El Muerto is a wrestler whose superhuman abilities are hidden in a mask that is passed down through generations. In the comic, an anti-hero entered the ring with Spider-Man to expose his identity to a journalist. Muerto almost defeated the Spider, but he beat him by injecting the wrestler with a paralyzing poison. Spider-Man later saved Muerto in the hospital when Eldorado came to take his life.

The role of Muerto will be played by Bad Bunny. The rapper will be the first Hispanic actor in history to star in a Marvel action movie.

The plot of the film is kept secret. However, at CinemaCon, Sony management suggested that the film would portray Bad Bunny as an anti-hero who is on the verge of inheriting his father's powers.

The film is currently scheduled for release on January 12, 2024.

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