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Elliot Page will appear on the future front of Time's issue

elliot page

Elliot Page who is 34 years old and also well-known for his roles in "Inception" and two parts of the "X-Men" franchise, will appear on the future front page of Time's issue under the title “I Am Fully Who I Am”.

This will be Page's first main interview since his public announcement of his gender identity in December. In an interview with a reporter, he described the dubious reaction to the announcement he posted on Instagram. “I supposed a lot of support and love, as well as a huge amount of hate and criticism of transphobia, and that's what happened”-says Elliot. The actor also spoke about his childhood, stating that he felt like a boy from a young age. He remembered the "feeling of reveling" when he was permitted to have a short haircut at the age of 9. The portraits represent the "efforts and pleasures" of elderly transgender people.

Page, who was gay earlier in 2014, also discussed undergoing surgery, which he called "completely changing of his life." He also discussed the conflict for trans equality, as well as the "crushing standards" of the entertainment industry and "common stereotypes about masculinity and femininity." “Powerful people are spreading these myths but every day you see disagreement about our existence”- he said in the interview and added, "Transgender people are so real."

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