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Elon Musk Currently Lives in a Small House Which He Bought for 50 Thousand Dollars

Billionaire Elon Musk Has Recently Moved Into a 35 m² Mobile Home

Small buildings in the United States are becoming a popular alternative to spacious houses. Especially now, when the billionaire Elon Musk has settled in such a place, who can afford a couple of hundred mansions. In June, the businessman shared that he lives in a tiny building for 50 thousand dollars, which he rented in Texas, where the SpaceX cosmodrome is located. In November 2020, a Las Vegas-based construction company announced that it was building a mini-house for a "secret buyer." The buildings they offer can be folded into a cube for transportation by the pickup to the desired location.

It was not difficult to figure out exactly who lives in such a mobile house. Mask's housing with an area of ​​only 35 m² has everything you need for a comfortable existence of a genius and there are no frills. Despite the high demand (even before Elon, ​​about 50 thousand people signed up for the houses), only three buildings have been put into operation so far. Not surprisingly, though, the SpaceX CEO didn't have to wait long.

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