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Elon Musk Meme Review: Popular Video By Blogger Pewdiepie, Elon Musk Rates Memes

Elon Musk Meme Review

Elon Musk nevertheless took part in the PewDiePie show and appreciated the memes about himself.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk Hosts Meme Review show by blogger PewDiePie. At the end of January, the head of Tesla and SpaceX hinted that he would appear on the most popular YouTube channel, but then many took it as a joke.

Elon Musk Meme Review

On February 22, the famous video blogger PewDiePie published the next issue of the “Meme Review”. The title of the video says that the review is led by actor Will Smith, but in fact, Tesla founder Elon Musk came to the show. The co-host was Rick and Morty's scriptwriter, Justin Royland.

Earlier, Musk had already hinted on Twitter that he might appear in the “Meme Review”, but no one understood whether the businessman was joking or not. Then Musk's tweet just became a new meme.

It turned out that the inventor was not joking. At the end of February, the issue of Meme Review Elon Musk appeared on PewDiePie's YouTube channel. Felix Chelberg (real name PewDiePie) apparently jokingly called the video Will Smith Hosts Meme Review. But instead of Will Smith, in the Elon Musk Host Meme Review, along with Justin Royland, he rated memes for a little over five minutes.

At Host Meme Review, Musk is helped by Justin Royland, creator of the animated series Rick and Morty. Together they rate jokes about Mask, the wrong dolphin, and a bag that looks like Jabba the Hutt.

Musk and Royland were shown several memes, which they had to rate on a scale of ten. Also, during the release of Host Meme Review Elon Musk, the entrepreneur admitted that in 2018 he became much better at understanding memes (including noted a large number of jokes about himself) and even expressed his own theory about the origin of the word meme.

Memes for Rating

Memes for Rating elon musk
masagascar elonmusk

Musk had to appreciate a few jokes about himself. For example, a picture about the cartoon “Madagascar”, the name of which hides “Gascar” – a car fueled by fuel. At the same time, the Mask company produces electric cars. This meme was rated 6/10 by Elon Musk PewDiePie.

elon musk twitter Post Malone

But the fake tweet, where Musk allegedly asks subscribers not to send him a picture of how the entrepreneur was “crossed” with the musician Post Malone, has already received 8 points.

elon musk dead deer in the pool

The last of the show, PewDiePie Elon Musk and Royland evaluated the meme with a dead deer in the pool with the caption: “Why is my dolphin not working.” Perhaps most unexpectedly of all, Elon reacted to the meme with a dead deer. Some of the users took a photo of the drowned animal and signed it “Lol, my dolphin has stopped working.” While Royland didn’t find the hard joke amusing, his comrade burst into laughter. And when Elon found out that the picture of the poor fellow was most likely real, he became even more cheerful. Royland did not appreciate the meme and instead showed his favorite picture – a cat who ate a whole watermelon.

Justin Roiland Elon Musk were very happy to participate in such a show and rated the memes very well.

The blog authors recommend that you watch the PewDiePie Elon Musk Meme Review video on YouTube and see the reaction of the entrepreneur and Royland with your own eyes. We guarantee that you would definitely laugh while watching.

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