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The Singer Elton John Has Got Infected With the COVID-19 Disease, He Postponed the Tour

elton john

Elton John has been forced to cancel two upcoming shows in Dallas after testing positive for Covid. The British singer spoke about this in his stories on Instagram.

The musician shared that, fortunately, he is fully vaccinated and is feeling pretty well. The performances were to take place as part of Farewell's Yellow Brick Road tour.

The singer's representatives asked fans to keep their tickets and promised to announce new concert dates soon. Elton himself hopes that by the weekend he will be healthy and able to perform.

The concert tour began in the fall of 2018 and was due to end by 2021. During this time, the singer planned to give about 300 concerts. However, due to his hip injury, as well as the coronavirus pandemic, concerts were postponed several times. This tour is set to be the last of Elton John's career as the singer wants to dedicate himself to raising children.

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