Emily Ratajkowski Said the Artist of Blurred Lines Touched Her Breasts
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Emily Ratajkowski Accused the Artist of the Blurred Lines Hit of Harassment

emily ratajkowski accused to robin thicke

Emily Ratajkowski was humiliated by Robin Thicke. According to the 44-year-old model, she did not immediately understand what was happening.

Emily has claimed that the famous singer harassed her on the set. The incident occurred during the filming of the Blurred Lines music video in 2013.

Then the scandalous video starred the model who had not yet had time to gain worldwide fame. But the track itself became the number one song in the UK and the best-selling singles- sales reached 14.8 million.

As the celebrity wrote in her book My Body, in the frame she was topless, covering her breast with her hands. At some point, the artist who was standing behind her allowed himself an ugly act towards half-naked Emily. Robin grabbed her naked chest. In the biography, which will be published in November this year, the American model also added that Tick looked drunk at the time. The actress noted that she did not react exactly as she should. The director of the video also confirmed the incident.

During filming, Robin was married to actress Paula Patton, with whom he parted a year later. The ex-spouses have an 11-year-old son. The reason for the breakup Paula named her ex-husband's drug abuse. Now the musician is happy in a new marriage, in which three children were born.

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