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Eminem’s Ex-Wife Tried To Commit Suicide. The Woman’s Mother Died a Few Days Ago

Eminem’s Ex-Wife, to Whom He Was Married Twice, Attempted Suicide Again

46-year-old Kim Scott made another suicide attempt, but this time at home, not driving a car. On July 30, neighbors called the rescue service to Eminem's ex-wife's house, suspecting something wrong. Later, an ambulance and police arrived at the house, and when they saw blood on the floor, they tried to stop her and provide assistance. However, the woman resisted them and had to be hospitalized forcibly. At the medical institution, Kim was found to have multiple cuts, including on her legs. However, this did not threaten her health, so she was soon released home. It is not known whether she sought psychological help.

This is not her first suicide attempt: in 2015, Kimberly had a car accident, but she admitted that this was not an accident only a year later. Despite serious damage to the car, Kim herself sustained life-threatening injuries. After that, the lawyers tried to get a confession that Kim was in a deranged mental state.

Eminem and Kimberly Scott's romance began in 1989 when they were still teenagers. 16-year-old Kim and her sister left home and went to live with Eminem and his mother. The couple's relationship lasted over 10 years before the lovers got married in 1999. After a few years, the spouses filed for divorce. By that time, Eminem had become a father three times. In 2006, Eminem and Kimberly made a second attempt to be together, they officially married again. However, they broke up again after just a few months.

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