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Employees Sued Apple for Millions of Dollars Because of the Bag Checks Conducted in 2013

Employees Sued Apple for Millions of Dollars

Last year, the Court officially ruled that Apple broke the law by not paying its workers for the time they spent searching for personal items. Now it has finally become known that the IT giant will pay about 30 million dollars to settle the incident.

Interestingly, Apple’s decision was preceded by about eight years of the litigation process. The company's employees filed a lawsuit back in 2013 where they accused the company of not paying the money for the time spent on the search of personal belongings. This was carried out by the security service in order to find stolen goods. It is noted that the screening took 5-25 minutes and was under the control of Apple. Before, the company argued that the workers could not take bags and smartphones with them to work in order to avoid the checks.

Previously, the company introduced a new feature that will allow you to transfer access to iCloud after death. Using Digital Legacy, which is available in iOS 15.2 beta, users will be able to designate five contacts who will have access to personal information stored in iCloud upon death. Including documents, photographs, and purchases. To do this, the so-called heirs will need to provide Apple with the death certificate of the account holder, as well as enter an access code.

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