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Ernest Khalimov Meme: All What Should You Know About GigaChad Meme

Jan.04.2021, 15:44 | Updated: Apr.22.2021, 11:17 | 1895 views
gigachad meme

Hello and greetings to all fans of memes! Very pleasant to tell you that we have made up a new story about memes! Do you know anything about Ernest Khalimov’s prank? Continue reading to know more about it.

Origins of Ernest Khalimov Meme

Ernest khalimov

GigaChad is a nickname most commonly linked with Russian Sleek’N’Tears model Ernest Khalimov. The meme shows that he is the ultimate Chad Thundercock, an internet character symbolizing a super-masculine, sexually handsome male. The notion was widely spread within different incel communities all over the Net.

The image of the model Sleek’N’Tears was originally submitted on 4chan (to a board called /pol/) on October 17th, 2017. There he got his nickname Gigachad. Also, it was submitted to the Lookism Forums, featuring him as “Ultra Chad.”

The next expansion of the meme happened on October 24th, 2017. The pic was added to Imgur. The main prank was connected to the “attempt of the Gigachad” to “clone himself”: the text referred to the similarity of two men standing with Ernest Khalimov in a photo.

On February 17th, 2018, Redditor ForgottenShark added to the /r/Bossfight subreddit a shot of Khalimov with the following headline: “Gigachad, the destroyer of virgins” to the /r/Bossfight”.

GoldFuzzy sent a photo macro to Reddit to /r/braincels on April 27th, 2018. The headline has represented the description of GIGACHAD. A month later, a danger lamenting the existence of Khalimov was added to the /int/ board on 4chan.

What Is a Gigachad Meme?

A meme referring to a perfectly shaped man, the iconic look to look good and steal the hearts of women. The idea of a meme is to represent the super-masculine man for various spheres (fashion, sport, training, or sexual dreams).

Thank you for reading our meme till the end! Don’t forget to read other stories about memes and their original stories.

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