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Kappa Meme: All About Kappa Emote

kappa emote

What Should You Know About Kappa Meme?

The team of Everything Is Viral is ready to make your day! We have gathered the most interesting facts about Kappa origin, spreading, and other interesting facts in one article.

Kappa Meaning Meme

Kappa is a graphic emoticon generally managed by trolls as a postscript to a determination to carry out sarcasm on streams on Twitch; the popularity of memes has also led to the emoticon being applied as a form of spam on the net.

Who Is Kappa?

keep calm and kappa
keep calm and kappa meme

The Kappa emote consists of a grey-scale image of Josh DeSeno (an employee of Justin.TV). Justin.TV has a lot in common with Twitch. Justin.TV was created in 2007 to let anybody turn on stream and to broadcast videos worldwide. You most probably have never heard about such a live streaming platform and it's ok because it didn't blow the top. However, one piece of Justin.TV gained its success: the gaming section.

kappa meme

Rise of Kappa Emote: How It Became Popular

Did you know that in 2014 the emote was used over 900k times per day? The more viral is that the emote was used in general 1m times per day in 2015!

Kappa face has been added to Twitch's official collection in four variations: Kappa (original), MiniK, Keepo, KappaHD. Also, there is a modification of Kappa + Bob Ross (it's the same picture of Kappa with edited Bob Ross' hairstyle). It was added in October 2015 due to the celebration of Twitch Creative.

Let's go further. The Kappa Twitch emote got its subreddit called r/kappa/ on February 18th, 2012. The page has over 13.9k followers. On July 13th, 2014, it was submitted to Urban Dictionary. A few months later Kappa emote definition was added by R4D1AT10N (it is one the most popular).

Interesting Facts About Memes

kappa face

Kappa = Sarcasm

The word “Kappa” is often applied at the end of the sarcastic comment. Did you see kappa in the chat? Don't take this statement seriously because someone is too sarcastic.

It's All Because of DeSeno Fall In Love With Japanese Mythology

There are creatures called yokai. They look similar to Kappa but have a dark side too. The sea-reptilian humanoid Kappa (one of yokai) is represented in Japanese mythology like a monster that he raped or kidnaped swimming women. It loves farting loudly in public as well. Also, he is well-known for devouring people alive. So, the name for the meme was taken by DeSeno from this monster.

It Shouldn’t Be Viral!

The author of the meme, DeSeno did not think that his emote would become popular at all. It was a huge surprise for him as well. Denso chose this word because it was short and unknown. He added his face like an Easter Egg. So, we may say that it was only a bit of luck for mankind to have such memes.

It Used to Have a Personal Website

There once used to be a personal website made by OptionalField. The main aim of the site was to show how many times people were using emote per minute. Unfortunately, the website does not exist anymore.

The King Of Twitch Emotes

Kappa is used on Twitch very often. Streamers add modified versions of it to their meme collections regularly because people enjoy using them. Sometimes there are even problems with kappa spam.

Kappa Spreading Is Unstoppable

People use Kappa emote far beyond the streaming platform. It is a worldwide phenomenon and seems to be unstoppable.

Do You Want to Know More?

Do you want to see our unique collection of memes made by our team? Follow this link and follow us on Reddit. Stay toasty and see you soon! We have more interesting articles about memes to be read by you. You may read the following articles about memes as well:

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