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Famous American Rapper Posted Photos and Videos From DiCaprio’s Birthday

Leonardo DiCaprio has recently thrown a large-scale party on the occasion of his birthday. The unusual thing about the event was that almost no photos and videos were leaked to the network. The fact is that throughout the evening there was a strict rule prohibiting uploading any photos and videos on social media, but Snoop Dogg could not resist and shared a couple of photos.

On November 13, the American rapper posted on Instagram a joint photo with the American actor who turned 47 on November 11. The image was taken at the artist's birthday party.

In the picture, the celebrities posed hugging each other in front of other guests. The rapper chose a blue loose-fitting suit for the event in honor of the actor, complementing the image with a hat. The birthday boy also wore a hat at the celebration, and his outfit consisted of a black T-shirt and trousers.

Snoop Dogg also showed a snippet of the party. In the released video, he is captured dancing in the company of one of DiCaprio's guests.

The celebration party took place at a mansion located in Beverly Hills, California. Among DiCaprio's guests were his lover, model Camila Morrone, actor Robert Pattinson, singer Beyoncé with her husband Jay-Z, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos with his partner, and other celebrities.

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