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Fans admire Billy's new look and take it as a sign that new music is coming soon

billie eilish

Right after Billie Eilish took her Grammy, she surprises us with an unexpected and amazing style. The singer recognized for her tresses in a wide variety of colors shared a picture of her hair in an unexpected new blonde color on Wednesday.

She posted the photo on her Instagram page and followers immediately gave admiration to her, and by Wednesday noon, the pic had more than 12 million likes. After, a hairdresser from Los Angeles Lissa Renn let the spectators look closer at it. However it is not clear yet what inspired Eilish to update her style, but it is discussed this can be a sign that a new album is coming someday.

In an interview with Stephen Colbert which took place last month, the 19-year-old singer told him she spent most part of the earlier year in the studio working on the songs after the COVID-19 pandemic made her canceling the 2020 tour after performing three times.

And she admitted that she doesn't think she could have done a similar album or anything at all. “The thing is when everything is changing in your life, you are changing. And I have to appreciate COVID for that"- Billie added.

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