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Fans of the Stranger Things Series Can Now Visit the Shops in New York and Los Angeles

Stranger Things first store

We have good news for all the fans of the Stranger Things series. The hit Netflix show opens its first pop-up shops. So, you can now purchase exclusive merchandise and experience the fantasy world. The stores are located in New York City and Los Angeles.

LA stranger things store
NYC stranger things store

A new immersive experience will be available on November 6 which also coincides with Stranger Things Day. The Enthusiasts will be able to take interactive photos in various Hawkins locations of the 80s vibe. You can pose near Hawkins Middle School’s Snowball Dance and Joyce’s house, as well as play arcade games. You will also have a chance to take home a piece of your favorite TV show, such as cereals in the original box from the 1980s, figures of the Demogorgon creature, and other items from Starcourt Mall. In addition, there will be a customizable apparel station.

Tickets to the stores are free but you must reserve them through the website.

Earlier, Netflix released five mobile games based on the popular series. But so far, only owners of Android smartphones and tablets that have a subscription to the streaming service can play them.

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