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Find Out about a Woman Great Win Who Bought the Wrong NC Lottery Scratch-Off Ticket

lottery win

A woman from North Carolina accidentally won 2 million dollars by buying the unclaimed lottery ticket in NC. Elizabeth Johnson's mistake led to a big win in a draw she didn't even try to participate in. Read also: 13 Episodes of Patrick Star TV Show by Nickelodeon Is Going to Arrive This Year.

Elizabeth quickly entered the numbers into the draw held by Powerball last week, but she was one minute late to buy an NC lottery ticket for the online game.

However, the NC lottery scratch-off ticket that Johnson quickly selected entered the draw three days later, and she won the grand prize.

The winner admits that she was surprised when she found out about the win because she thought she had not played that evening. In general, Johnson's win is 1.4 million dollars. With the help of this amount, the woman plans to buy a new house and go to Disneyland with the children.
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