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Find Out About the New Hit on Netflix That Has Displaced Squid Game From the Top Spot

Hellbound netflix

Another South Korean series on Netflix set a record for the most-watched and overtook the previous leader. We are talking about the Hellbound series, which surpassed Squid Game to become the most popular on Netflix.

On November 20, Hellbound was the most-watched Netflix TV series in the world, topping the ratings in over 80 countries within 24 hours since its release. Yeon Sang-ho became the director and scriptwriter.

The series is a completely original project of Netflix, the plot of which talks about supernatural beings who take people to hell. A pilot episode was shown at the 2021 International Film Festival that took place in Toronto in September.

The Squid Game, which arrived on September 19, spent 46 following days listed number 1 on Netflix's most-watched series rankings. In October, 142 million families in 94 countries watched the show. This brought the streaming platform about 900 million dollars.

Earlier this month, the Squid Game director officially confirmed that filming for the second season is coming.

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