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Find Out about the Schmooze Application That Connects People Based on Memes They Like

Schmooze app

Vidya Madhavan from India has created an extraordinary application aimed at finding partners. The application is called Schmooze, and it uses machine learning tools and memes to acquaint people. The creator herself says it is the humor algorithm.

The idea appeared a few years ago when she and her future husband exchanged about 200 emails, and all of them were mostly jokes. Vidya believes that namely the sense of humor unites them. That is why she became interested in the idea of ​​creating such an application. The original purpose of the application was to just start friendships. But then, when she noticed that people were looking for partners, she decided to change the idea.

Schmooze application analyzes tags and applies machine learning, as well as biographical data that users create. Some users may prefer certain topics, such as physics or economics. Now, about 200 memes are added to the platform every day and the rest are removed. Madhavan reports that 90,000 matches have been already successfully found. Meanwhile, Schmooze has many competitors, such as traditional dating platforms and new applications that try to match people based on common interests rather than appearance.

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