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Find Out How the Rapper Drake Smells with Scented Candles He Recently Released


Recently, Drake presented his new collection of scented candles called Better World Fragrance House. He claims that the smell is so strong that it can change our immediate surroundings and make the world a much better place. All this is supported by an unusual video that was posted on the brand's page.

The Canadian rapper decided to share his own scent with the fans and released 4 candles with different scents. They all have a very interesting description. A scented candle called Carby Musk, which was sold out in just a couple of hours, smells exactly the same as the rapper. The candle is an exact imitation of the personal scent of the Grammy award winner. The second fragrance with oriental notes provokes nostalgia and addiction. The third one carries the scent of a city garden in the shade of light. And the fragrance called Good Thoughts represents a bouquet of luxurious flowers, surrounded by freshness and positive energy.

The first but not the last collection appeared on May 9.

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