Kristen Stewart and Her Girlfriend Were Spotted With Wedding Rings on Their Fingers
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Find Out if Kristen Stewart and Her Girlfriend Dylan Meyer Secretly Married

Kristen Stewart and Her Girlfriend Dylan Meyer Secretly Married

Kristen Stewart was recently noticed after visiting a beauty salon in Los Angeles. And the star was wearing a wedding ring! Such photos caused rumors about the wedding of Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer.

Previously, a 31-year-old actress and her lover, screenwriter Dylan Meyer, were spotted at the airport. In the photos taken by the paparazzi, we can also clearly see two identical rings on the ring fingers of the girls. Despite the fact that the "Twilight" star almost never comments on her personal life, it was immediately written that the images are direct evidence of the couple's engagement and secret wedding.

The relationship of Kristen Stewart with her girlfriend became known in the summer of 2019. And since then, Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend are often seen together in public. Later, the actress also mentioned in one of the interviews that she could not wait to propose to her beloved.

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