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Find Out the Reason for Male Teachers Protest in Spain | They Arrived in Schools in Skirts

spain man skirts

Now, teachers’ protest in Spain is gaining popularity. A group of male teachers from Spain started wearing skirts at the school to teach acceptance and tolerance after 15-year-old Michael Gomez was expelled from the school last year after showing up in a skirt. The teachers in skirts decided to protest the unfortunate decision and show that words can hurt.

In October 2020, the student was sent for a conversation with the psychologist because he was wearing a skirt. Then, the teachers’ protest for better schools arrived, and the first person who supported it was Jose Phineas, Gomez's math teacher. 

Later, more and more teachers joined the fashionable protest, also coming to school in skirts. They posted the photos on their social networks, and as a result, appeared on the cover of Teen Vogue fashion magazine. The teachers say that most of the reactions turned out to be very positive. Now, they hope that their photos will rise a controversy concerning gender stereotypes topic.
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