Bert And Ernie Flamethrower Meme | Elon Musk Flamethrower Meme
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Bert And Ernie Flamethrower Meme: Dark Stories And The M-97 Flamethrower

Dark memes began to appear on Reddit about Ernie sounding like an M-97 flamethrower. The fact is that when it comes time to sleep, Bert cannot fall asleep due to Ernie's snoring.

Bert and Ernie Flamethrower Meme

Bert And Ernie Flamethrower Meme

They seem to him very scary, loud, and resemble an M-97 flamethrower. There are a lot of similar memes about dark stories and descriptions of Ernie's snoring.

Elon Musk Flamethrower Meme

elon musk flamethrower meme

Twitter users bombarded SpaceX founder Elon Musk with memes after he announced his desire to get on the Meme Review show of the famous video blogger PewDiePie. As a template for memes, he suggested a photo with a flamethrower. Microbloggers eagerly responded and showed what else could have ended up in Musk's hands instead of weapons. It is not the first time that Elon has asked to be made a hero of memes.

Flamethrower GIF

flamethrower gif

The flamethrower is a truly powerful weapon, and users of social networks leave a lot of funny comments under the GIF and flamethrower meme. Some says that a flamethrower is an excellent means for burning fat, others imagine how you can fry a chicken from such a flame. Others began to discuss how many operators were burned while filming the flamethrower in action.

Snow Cleaning with Flamethrower

snow cleaning flamethrower

Flamethrower melts snow became a viral meme on Reddit and Twitter. The flamethrower can be used not only to destroy opponents but also to clear snow from your yard! Trying to figure out how to quickly and ingeniously get rid of mountains of snow in a matter of minutes? There is only one answer – a flamethrower. And the meme about a flamethrower that removes snow shows us that using this device is quick and convenient. Just do not try to actually buy it, it was a joke.

Flamethrower for Destroying Spiders Meme

flamethrower spider

Arachnophobia is a fear of spiders that affects many people around the world. The only way to finally get rid of spiders in your house if they suddenly got there is to burn them to hell with a flamethrower! Don't thank us for the great advice we took from the flamethrower burning a spider meme.

German Flamethrower 35 Meme

german flamethrower meme

The Flammenwerfer 35 was the first lightweight mobile flamethrower in history. Only one person could act on them — the flamethrowers that were in service before required a calculation of 2–3 fighters. The Wehrmacht flamethrower during World War II seriously influenced the course of many battles.

Get the Flamethrower Meme

get the flamethrower meme

In any incomprehensible situation or when something threatens your life, you can simply say “Hans, bring Flammenwerfer”. But who is this soldier in the photo? This is the machine gunner of the combat group of SS Standartenfuehrer Max Hansen during the Ardennes offensive in December 1944. His name was Hans Tragarski, was born in 1921, died in 2011, was wounded many times, for which he received the corresponding badge. Allegedly, he went through the war from the first to the last day.

Boring Company Announced Roofing Torch

the boring company

A startup from the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX called The Boring Company has released a new $500 toy in the form of a flamethrower. They also called it “the world's safest flamethrower!” People all over the world started buying these toys and taking cool photos.

flamethrower boring company

The authors of the blog have collected the most popular memes on the topic of flamethrowers. Many of them went viral on social networks long ago and still appear in the news feed.

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