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Big Floppa Cat: Caracal Named Gosha Became The Hero Of Thousands Of Memes

big floppa

Big Floppa is a meme with a caracal named Gosha, who is called Big Floppa in Western social networks, and Big Slap in Runet. This animal has won the hearts of millions of Internet users and has become the hero of hundreds of funny memes. Today we’ll learn more about the caracal Gaucher himself and why he has become so popular.

Floppa Meme Origin

The hero of the meme is a real caracal named Gosha. Its owner Andrey Bondarev has been running a thematic Instagram account for many years. Ordinary cats live in the family with Gosha: Zhora and Matvey.

On December 23, 2019, Andrei published another photo in which Gosha lies on the windowsill. This picture attracted everyone's attention and subsequently became the basis for memes.Forcing memes about Floppa cat began on Instagram. The first memes with a pet appeared in January 2020, only on the network Gosha became known under the pseudonym Big Floppa (“Big Floppa”). One of the first and canonical memes depicts Gosha without ears.

In March and April, Gosha's popularity on the Internet increased. Largely thanks to the Big Floppa memes. Pictures and videos, as a rule, did not have any specific message and were surreal. The mass distribution of memes and pictures with caracal began in May-June 2020.

Gosha's owners are aware of their pet's viral success. They actively publish new content with cats. And they have already adopted a new meme nickname. For example, they sell merch and accessories in the Big Floppa Store online store.

Fans, with the permission of the owners, began to produce cups, cubes, and other products with the image of a caracal. On Google Play, you can find several gaming applications dedicated to Big Floppa cat.

A lot is also known about Gosha himself. He was born in the nursery on December 21, 2017. Caracals are wild animals, but recently they can be kept at home. At the age of 4 months, Big Sloop moved to the house of Muscovites: Andrey and Elena Bondarev. In June 2021, an interview with the owners of the caracal was published on the Internet, who told how the animal got to them and why it became popular.

Meme MeaningBut the meaning of the Floppa meme is nothing. There is no special meaning. These pictures exist just to exist, to have something to laugh at. Why laugh? With absurdity. The meaning of each picture with a caracal is different, but they have one thing in common – that this is a strange and absurd joke and it can be absolutely anything.

Selection of Memes

floppa cat

We invite you to find out which cat you are based on your zodiac sign. No, let's find out better what kind of cat you see yourself as. If you are a little sad or just a calm person, then the image of Big Floppa suits you best.

big floppa cat

A very funny meme with Big Floppas, who ordered you chocolate milk and flirts. Would you accept a glass of chocolate milk from such a charismatic gentleman Big Floppa? We wouldn't say no if we were you, just look how cute he is.

floppa meme

Each of us can have two personalities that are embodied in this meme. Big Floppa looks much more good-natured from the side described as Hentai connoisseur.


Now Big Floppa has a friend Big Frogga. How do you like this duet? It seems to look very funny, especially if you pay attention to the photoshopped beer and fish in the photo. If the owners of the caracal brought not only two cats, but also a frog, then we would get new viral Big Floppa memes.

big floppa memes

Big Floppa looks like a real macho and gangster. Just look at the golden chain around his neck. Maybe the caracal Gaucher could become a rapper? His songs would gain huge popularity, as well as the Floppa cat meme.

floppa cat meme

Would you eat such a cute cheesecake? Caracal Gaucher was photoshopped with cheesecake instead of ears and laugh, poor animal. Although they didn’t attach anything in the photo instead of the ears of Bof Floppa. A lot of people like this meme format and it's really funny.

big floppa meme history

Even the idols of all meme lovers get tired of constantly being funny and making everyone laugh. The Big Floppa Campaign needs a well-deserved rest. He did a great job of being the funniest and most charming caracal on the entire internet.

floppa meme variations

The Russians are promoting a new president for their state in 2024. We are confident that Big Floppa would be able to win the presidential election and become the new idol and leader. He's so charming and it would be a sin not to vote for him. After all, as we know from Big Floppa meme history, this cat lives in Russia.

floppa meorigin
floppa meorigin

Meet the new podcast streamer – Big Floppa! Such a cute streamer would be able to collect thousands of viewers in a few minutes because he is so charming. If you put a cute hat on his head, then it’ll be just a gap in the audience and very funny. The owners are very lucky to have such a beautiful animal as the Gosha caracal.

The authors of the blog, just like you, believe that the Gosha caracal is an incredibly cute and charming animal. His large fangs are not intimidating at all, and the expression of his muzzle is very touching. His eyes look like a human and that adds something beautiful to his image. A wonderful animal that would captivate everyone who looks at it.

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