In India, a 55-Year-Old Woman Fought Off a Leopard With a Cane
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Fought Back With a Cane: A Mumbai Woman Was Attacked by a Wild Leopard While Resting

in india leopard attacked women

In India, a 55-year-old woman was attacked by a wild leopard while relaxing in the courtyard of her house in the evening. The brave grandmother had to fight off the wild cat on her own because there were no people around. According to a video from a local monitoring camera, the incident ended with the animal leaving the scene.

According to the resident of the suburb of the Indian city of Mumbai, she was resting on the street, not noticing that a dangerous predator was waiting for her. Turning around, the woman tried to get up, but the instant attack of the leopard knocked her down.

At hand, the unsuspecting victim had only a cane, with which she tried to fight off the deadly claws of the attacker. Several well-aimed blows to the head saved her life and scared the giant animal. Hearing the screams, people came but by that time the beast had managed to hide.

As a result, the woman was hospitalized with wounds to her face, elbows, arms, legs, and back. According to doctors, the injuries were not serious and now the woman's life is out of danger. Analyzing the depth of bruises and scratches, they determined that it was an adult animal whose attack the woman survived.

This is the third leopard attack on humans in the past three days in this area. The request to detain the animal is currently being processed. The forestry department reported that camera traps were installed in the forest to find out if the same animal attacks people or different ones. According to experts, the forest area is rapidly shortening due to construction and felling. Therefore, wild animals in search of food are increasingly wandering into residential areas.
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