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A Slap Instead of a French Kiss: French President Emmanuel Macron was Slapped in the Face Today!

Video Where French President Emmanuel Macron Was Slapped in the Face

Emmanuel Macron, current French President, was slapped in the face on Tuesday by a gentleman wearing a green T-shirt in a crowd of spectators. It happened today, during the usual president walkabout in the southeastern Drome region of France.

The president’s security interrupted and surrounded Macron quickly. A couple of bodyguards shield the president, while others were taking the man out of the crowd and pulling him to the ground.

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Moreover, two characters were arrested in association with the incident (Source: the broadcasters of BFM TV).

The Reason for the Visit/Slap

The event occurred while Macron was on an official trip to south-eastern France, where he joined restaurateurs and students to chat about how life is returning to regular after the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Watch Video

A president-like slap from a man wearing glasses and a green T-shirt become popular and viral so fast! Macron was going to give a regular-friendly handshake with a fellow, but instead of it, got a strike in the face.

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