Friends Are Finally Back and You Will Be Definitely Surprised with a New Star Cast

May.14.2021, 18:29 | Updated: May.14.2021, 18:29 | 46 views

After a seemingly endless period of time, the date of the release of the new TV series has finally become known. The first teaser of the well-known and beloved series named Friends was finally shown to fans.

The special episode of Friends will arrive on May 27 this year. The series, in which the star heroes of the cult project will reunite together again after an honestly long period of time, was named Friends: The Reunion or The one where they get back together. But the HBO studio, which will translate the long-awaited series, announced another unexpected news. Such celebrities as footballer David Beckham, singer Justin Bieber, BTS band, model Cara Delevingne, James Corden, Cindy Crawford, and many others will also take part in the upcoming project.

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