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Top 25 Funniest Cat Memes For You! Just Sit And Laugh With These Funny Cat Memes!

Today we are talking about the funniest cat memes! A dog is, of course, a man's best friend. Perhaps this is true in real life. But on the Internet, cats are definitely driving our thoughts! We begin to suspect that the entire World Wide Web was created by a secret feline government with the aim of its arrogant, shameless PR.

Therefore, to please you and yourself (as well as the world cat government), we decided to collect the best funny cats memes from all over the Internet. We approached this important mission with all responsibility and thoroughly searched the Internet. You will see cute, angry, shy, and friendly cats of all colors. We would like to present you with a selection of the coolest cat funny memes for complete fun!

Cat Jam Meme

cat meme funny

Our top funny memes cat opens up a bald dancing white cat. Everything is clear without translation. One day, an American cat owner recorded a video of his cat nodding to the beat of the music. And this backing went viral as the famous Cat jam meme. By the way, if you didn't know, then this cat turned out to be deaf. What a twist.

Rules for the Cat

cat funny meme
  1. The cat must not sit on the table.
  2. Well, okay, on the table you can, but not on the kitchen table.
  3. Well, okay, in the kitchen, too, but not when I'm cooking! Did you agree?
  4. Well, the cat can sit wherever he pleases, whenever he pleases, but not on my face at 5.30 in the morning, demanding to be fed!
  5. Breakfast of the cat: 5.30 am, according to the schedule.

The coolest thing about this cat meme funny is the face of the cat in the photo.

Restless Cat Meme

funny cats memes

I am a cutie pie today! At 3 o'clock in the morning, I will be running around the house like a mad horse. Or not? I don’t know yet. Oh, this situation is familiar to all cat owners! Tell me, who has never had a cat running all over the house at night? I think no one had this and their pet drove around the apartment and dropped everything in its path.

Cat and French Language

funny meme cat

It is actually a French cat funny meme. If you have studied this language, then you know: in order to pronounce the word "water", in French you need to make something like the cat's face in this meme. The word sounds like a cross between the sound of e and e (as if you feel sick).

Yay. I Almost Laughed Cat Meme

funniest cat meme

This funny meme cat is used for important negotiations and with the ironic phrase "I almost laughed" when they want to emphasize a particularly unfunny remark of the interlocutor. A very handy meme in negotiations, save it for yourself just in case.


funny memes cat

And this is a cat-businessman in a tie, all the memes about him are one story of a mustachioed and successful, but insanely busy cat. Another funniest cat meme appeared on the Internet not so long ago. In a series of pictures, the cat is presented as an important office worker who has a lot of things to do.

Grumpy Cat

funny cats meme

Who doesn't know Grumpy Cat? Everyone knows him. This cute, fluffy guy has become a real star. Memes with him can be found on any social network. The expression on the funny cats meme reflects the universal sadness and sadness.

I Think I Had Too Much Catnip

cat funny memes

The muzzle on this funny meme cats speaks for itself. He seems to have caught the arrival of catnip and is now sitting high. He is very funny, and his face is also funny. He also looks like he smelled something unpleasant, such as the owner's socks.

Dialogue of Cats

cats funny memes

Left cat: Who was that girl shouting at you?

Right cat: I don’t know babe I was just eating my salad

Very cute cats funny memes. This is a dialogue that, as it were, interprets a couple in love, in which a girl was jealous of her boyfriend for another and now asks. The whole humor is that these cats are sitting in front of the food with funny open mouths and seem to be talking.

Cat Meme Is Untrustworthy

funny memes cats

BEWARE of the Dog. The Cat is not trustworthy either. This cat humor meme is just wonderful. From this joke, we understand that cats should not be trusted at all! But what about the dogs? They are our younger brothers, and you can definitely rely on them. Cats lie!

Cat-Loaf Meme

really funny cat memes

They said I could do anything. So, I became a loaf. Lazing around is the cat's favorite activity after sleeping and eating. Although, we are all little cats at heart, aren't we? Everyone loves to lie down and relax a little after a hard day, just like cats, and funny memes cats are like art.

Sad Cat Meme

funny memes with cats

That’s okay I didn’t want to cuddle anyways. All animals love affection and care, even cats! Your pet loves its owner very much and wants to hug him. The cat gets very upset if you don't pay enough attention to him. Hug your cats, cat are funny!

Meme Hilarious Cat

funny meme cats

I don’t laugh at my own jokes, but we all know I'm hilarious. Seals are not always bully and behave badly, most often they are very funny and run around the house and make all sorts of jokes. It's funny to call their owners or purr. Be sure to praise your cat for his funny and hilarious cat memes.

Meme Mischievous Cat

funny memes of cats

If I just keep looking cute they’ll surely blame the dog. Cats are not always good and obedient, sometimes they do bad things for which, of course, no one scolds them. But you need to be on the safe side, so it's better to blame everything on the dog! Cats don't want to be blamed because of their pranks. It's like the Just Do It cat meme.

Wide-Mouthed Popping Cat

funniest cat cat memes

Cat good meme, in which the cat opens its mouth wide to various music. Twitter user @XavierBFB posted two pictures of his cat on an unknown discord server in October 2020. The first is the original, and the second cat was photographed with an open round mouth. A very funny meme came out with a cat.

Nyan Cat

very funny cat memes

This is almost the most popular cat meme. A GIF with a Nyan Cat meme was auctioned for $600,000. Animation creator Chris Torres thus decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his work. You've definitely seen this meme because it has become just a cult.

Longcat Meme

cat humor meme

Longcat became popular in 2006. Then a photo of the animal was posted on the local Futaba website. Even without Photoshop, Nobiko looked very big. Unfortunately, the owner of this wonderful cat announced that he was gone. He lived his 18 wonderful years and became popular all over the Internet!

Loading Cat Meme

cat are funny

Meme with a cat with a loading icon on its head. Used in situations where something incomprehensible and confusing is happening. It's very funny when cat owners make such funny memes with their pets, and then these pictures are scattered across all social networks.

New Trailer for “Cats” Meme

cat meme's

The first trailer for "Cats" was released in July and caused a storm of emotions in the audience. With the help of graphics, the actors were drawn cat hair, tails, and ears. At the same time keeping human faces and figures. These monsters look quite creepy, for which they were awarded a stream of funny memes with cats.

Cat Lil Bub

memes with cats

Lil Bub was born on June 21, 2011. In November, its owner, musician Mike Bridavski, uploaded the first video to YouTube. In it, the kitten sneaks around the apartment before attacking the camera. Lil Bub has become popular - largely due to her appearance.

Confused Cat at Dinner Meme

cat good meme

Very funny cat memes with a photo of a white cat sitting at a table in a restaurant. In front of him is a plate of vegetables, the cat himself with a puzzled expression looks to the side. The frame, which became a meme, was first published on Tumblr. The post was accompanied by the headline "He doesn't like vegetables."

Cat Looking at Man Holding Dog

just do it cat meme

Meme with a photo in which a man holds a dog in his arms. A cat sits behind him and looks at this couple with sad eyes. The meme shows the feelings of those who are left without attention. The man holds the dog in his arms, and the cat looks at them and looks very sad.

Vampire Cat Meme

Vampire Cat Meme

The vampire cat looks vicious and cute at the same time. Can make a bite. Western media drew attention to the fanged cat Loki. Large fangs and malocclusion make her look like a vampire. A vampire cat loves its owner, but strangers who do not like funny memes of cats can get a vampire bite.

#MrSandmanChallenge And Cats

Mr Sandman Challenge

#MrSandmanChallenge: animal video to the song of Mr. Sandman blew up TikTok. A girl from Canada moved her ginger cat Ed in front of the camera to the beat of the music. The video became very popular and spawned a wave of new video memes with cats of other people.

Meme Lord Nermal

Meme Lord Nermal

This is a drawing with a white cat showing the middle fingers. It was originally a symbol of the clothing store Ripndip, it was printed on clothes. But thanks to the Chinese forgeries and the internet, it became widely known and got the status of a meme and spread like the funniest cat memes.

On behalf of the blog team, we would like to say thank you for viewing the entire selection of cat memes. We hope we managed to cheer you up, and you smiled today with cute cats!

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