Funny BTS Memes | Best BTS Memes About Yoongi And Jungkook
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Are You A Fan Of KPOP And Love Funny BTS Memes? Scroll Below And Laugh At The Best BTS Memes

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KPOP, k-pop is an acronym for Korean Pop, a musical genre that originated in South Korea. K-pop has become a whole subculture with fans all over the world. K-pop fans are actively producing local memes with group members (the most famous being BTS). Like anime artists, keypopers are often ridiculed by the public. These taunts also make up a significant layer of funny BTS memes.

Boys band BTS debuted on stage in 2013. Initially, the band was called Bangtan Boys, which translates as “bulletproof boys”. Hence, the simplified designation of the group - bantan or bantan.

BTS fans are able to make a meme out of almost any shot of their favorite musician. They jealousy follow every mention of their idols on the web. The brightest, in their opinion, shots diverge into memes. Therefore, the best BTS memes about singers do not have a single format. If you are a capoper, you must create your own meme and share it with others.

Jungkook’s Gait

Jungkook’s Gait

On December 14, 2018, BTS performed at the Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong. While performing the song “Airplane Pt. 2 ”Jungkook walked the runway posing as a model.

Videos of Jungkook walking down the catwalk went viral. Users began to distribute excerpts from it and make GIFs. Later, this episode began to scatter on KPOP BTS memes. Many began to imagine where you can go with such a gait.

Changes to Suga

Changes to Suga

2 years have passed

Will Suga change at all?

The fans of the group and the authors of KPOP BTS memes noticed that each member of the group likes to change their image and style, but not Suga. What he was like 2 years ago and remained so, apparently he does not really need it, and it is more comfortable for him to remain the way he is.

Where Is My Gift Card?

Where Is My Gift Card?

BTS: wealthy Multimillionaires

Also, BTS: where is my gift card?

No matter how rich a person is, he still wants his gift card or various discounts as usual. Nice, isn't it? We are all BTS people and singers just like us.

My Quarantine Routine

bts as My Quarantine Routine

The BTS singers eat, sleep, sit on the phone, and just don't do anything in the 4 pictures in this funny meme. I think each of us is familiar with such a daily routine when it was impossible to go out for a long time due to a pandemic. Thank goodness the situation is better now and the BTS singers are clearly leading their lives more productively.

BTS Concert I Haven’t Attended

BTS Concert I Haven’t Attended

Did you go to the BTS concert too, shout their names and shoot everything on camera? Here I am not.

What sad BTS relatable memes, every fan of his favorite band wants to go to a concert at least once, using all their songs, dance, and rejoice. But, unfortunately, not all groups can come to all countries of the world and give a concert, so you have to save money to specially go to their concert and have a full blast.

Shy Yoongi

Shy Yoongi

Why does Yoongi always look like he is part of an anti-bullying campaign?

On BTS memes, Yoongi looks hilarious and is often aloof from the group, probably just shy, and likes to be alone. Sometimes, of course, it may seem that he is a hermit or the other members of the group do not like him, but this is not at all the case.

The creators of the blog were happy to share with you some funny KPOP BTS memes about BTS and to please loyal fans. Thank you for loving our blog, we try to search for memes on all topics.

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