Funny Dog Memes | Top 5 Best Memes With Cute Dogs | Friday Crazy Doge And Bonk Memes
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Funny Dog Memes About Our Beloved Pets. Scroll Below To See 5 Popular Crazy Dog Memes

A dog is man's best friend, and we just adore our four-legged pets. They make us a little happier every day and make us smile. Therefore, today we have prepared for you the top 5 most funny dog ​​memes so that you will be delighted with beautiful and loyal pets.

Bonk, Dog with a Bat

crazy dog memes

Meme depicting a dog hitting another dog over the head with a bat. In memes and Western popular culture, the sound of a bat hitting the head is often referred to as * bonk *. That is why these four letters are written in the pictures with Chims and the bat. The sound episodes from the game and have become a local meme, understandable only to gamers. These are mainly videos of crazy dog ​​memes, for example, remixes on YouTube

Jock Doge and Cheems

weekend dog meme

Meme of a big pumped up Siba Inu Doge and a small dog of the same breed named Chims. Both exist as separate memes and together work as a comparison meme. Big Doge is something beautiful from the past, and Little Chims is a paltry version of it in the present. Meme Doge appeared in 2013 and has become one of the most popular funny Friday dog ​​memes.

Nori: A Dog with a Human Face

funny pets memes

The network noticed a dog named Nori and started creating a weekend dog meme. His facial features and facial expressions create an amazing resemblance to a human face and produce the effect of a therapy dog ​​meme. Photo of Nori is published by his owner on Instagram @norichiban.

Scared Dog or All I Can Breathe

my therapy dog meme

All I can breathe is a meme of a fat, frightened dog. The original photo, which became the template, was posted on Reddit in January 2014. In the frame, a white dog with frightened eyes sits on a couch. The image went viral, cropped, and turned into a meme. Initially, random inscriptions were written on the picture. For example, Where do I go to get weed?

A Gray Puppy Looks like a Cat and a Bear

funny friday dog memes

Pictures of a funny animal, simultaneously similar to a dog, a cat and a bear cub, have become viral on the network. The gray puppy turned out to be a resident of Vietnam, he looks great on photos and videos. Duy has very expressive face and great meme potential. It all started with a collage that hit Reddit on February 23rd. People began to guess what kind of unusual animal it was and to do funny pets memes with this gray baby. The creators of the blog sincerely hope that you liked the small selection of dog memes, and you will definitely save them for yourself to please your friends with dog meme Friday.

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