Funny Metal | Life And Very Cool Memes About Lovers Of The Black Metal Music Genre
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Searching For Funny Metal Memes? Top 5 Funny Black Metal Memes. Just Scroll Below!

Surely everyone at least once in his life has heard about such music as Metal or is a fan of it. It is for fans of this genre that we have prepared several funny Metal memes that will cheer you up, even if you are a tough man listening to such a brutal genre of music! So, let's start our selection of funny Black Metal memes:

Death Metal Dating

funny metal pictures

Turning Death Metal on at full blast. Someone who lied about listening to "all types of music". A very common situation. This funny Metal meme is so vital for every Metal fan that there is nothing to say. Especially when girls say that they like this genre so that the guy will like it, but in fact, they don't like this kind of music at all but listen to Justin Bieber.

Before and after Faces

funny metal pics
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Meth
  • Black Metal

In the first three pictures in a funny Metal meme, people look just awful after using these substances, but as for Black Metal, in the picture, an ordinary guy with long hair after listening to Black Metal began to look like the lead singer of a popular band performing Black Metal. There is only one conclusion - do not use drugs, but rather listen to Metal.

Death Metal Gardening

funny metal meme

When you want to be brutal, but mom said you must help in the garden. In funny Metal pictures, we see three men, with makeup like Death Metal stars, holding gardening tools in their hands. Of course, first, you need to help your mom, and then hang out with your friends and listen to brutal Death Metal.

Heavy Metal Politics Meme

funny black metal-memes

Discussing Genres: Fistfights

Discussing Albums: Relaxed Table Talks

Naturally, when it comes to works of art and masterpieces in the form of cult albums of famous artists who are to everyone's liking, then when discussing, everyone behaves decently and culturally.

Battles of Metal Fans

metal funny

Megadeth Fans vs Metallica Fans vs Iron Maiden Fans. In the meme, Megadeth Fans attack Metallica Fans, while Iron Maiden Fans are filming the battle on the phone. Oh, these fans, listen to your favorite songs and live together! You don't have to fight and swear among yourself. The team of blog creators is trying for you to select the best memes and funny Metal pics on any topic and delight you with new selections! Listen to your favorite music and discover new genres. Each music is beautiful in its own way because there are so many talented performers in our world. Have a nice day and great songs.

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